What type of travel guitar is right for me?

Traveling musicians know that the cargo hold on an airplane is a less than ideal place to store a favorite guitar. The cold temperatures can wreak havoc on the guitar’s delicate wooden structure, and there’s always the possibility of damage or loss due to improper handling. 

Many guitarists opt for carry-on travel guitars, which are designed with scaled down body sizes that make them more portable and convenient for travel. Reduced-size travel guitar options range from small bodied acoustics, to guitars with removable necks, to “paddle” style bodies. 

In the past, traveling guitarists have had to compromise the sound and quality of their instruments for the sake of stress-free travel. Luckily, there’s a highly innovative travel guitar that addresses all of the pain points countless musicians have experienced when traveling with an electric guitar. 

The Ciari Ascender is the world’s most innovative travel guitar, for gig playing musicians, music-loving executives and anyone who can’t live without their electric guitar on the road.

The Ascender is an electric travel guitar fitted with an innovative, ergonomic folding neck– the first of its kind. The Ascender is unlike any other travel guitar because of its impeccable design, innovative engineering and premium quality.

Use this guide to help you decide if the Ciari Ascender is the right travel guitar for you!

Small Bodied Acoustic

In the past, small bodied acoustics have been the go-to travel guitar for many. While there are a variety of acoustic travel guitars on the market, these instruments are known to be mini versions of the classic guitar, with small scale fret-boards and a modified body and silhouette. 

Ciari’s Ascender is full-sized and gig-ready, right out of the box. The Ascender is the electric travel guitar that doesn’t compromise on sound and quality. The Ascender delivers uncompromised instrumental integrity and makes traveling with an electric guitar easier.


Removable Neck

Guitar luthiers needed to find a way for traveling musicians to transport their full-sized guitars around the world. Classic guitars, with their long, extending necks and delicate construction, are not conducive to frequent air travel. In fact, guitars are often damaged beyond repair by airlines. 

A thoughtful solution was to make a guitar with a detachable neck that requires musicians to repeatedly loosen the stings of the guitar, remove the neck from the body, and hope for the best.

The Ciari Ascender will always remain intact. The patented internal lever mechanism allows for the strings of the guitar to be de-tensioned and re-tensioned with precision. The Ascender was designed so that guitarists could keep their instrument close, throughout travel, and simply pick it up and play in seconds. The arduous process of re-stringing a travel guitar and re-tuning over and over again is finally obsolete. 

“Paddle” Style Body

The “paddle” style guitar offers a minimal design, created to be a lightweight and manageable travel guitar option. These instruments simply don’t retain the look, feel or sound of a full-sized guitar. The balance, intonation, and quality of design lack authenticity and finesse due to the pared-down body.

Playing the Ciari Ascender is a genuine musical experience. The Ascender was crafted with the best hardware components and rigorously tested by expert engineers. The entire fabrication process was overseen by a master luthier in Nashville, Tennessee. Guitarists will instantly feel the genuine craftsmanship and care that went into designing and building the world’s most innovative travel guitar.

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