The Ascender is on the runway and has been cleared for take-off.

Pre-sales start July 2019 in Nashville, but only for those on our Interested List.

Join us as we revolutionize guitar air travel!

Full Size
Yet Foldable
Traditional Look,
Feel & Play
Symmetrical Folding
Action & Resonance
Smallest Travel
Size on Market
Elegant, No-Kink
String Management
TSA Compliant Size
Jack for Amp
or iOS Adapter
Follow Fold
Sophisticated and
Robust Design


The 2019 Winter NAMM Convention proved to be a milestone year with some amazing achievements. From GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE, GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE, CNN, FOX, USA TODAY and MUSIC TECH Magazine to both local tribunes and far-reaching media outlets spanning the globe, Ciari Guitars made its impact in becoming the market maker for a premium travel guitar solution! 

With all the increased exposure, interest, and momentum from Winter NAMM, we couldn’t be more excited about our Founders Build pre-sale at Summer NAMM!  If you want to be one of the FIRST to experience the stress-free guitar air travel revolution – with a Nashville made, first pro-play electric with unparalleled convenience – this is your chance!  Join the Ciari Guitars family on our journey of disruption! 

Here are Ciari‘s Top 5 Favorite Press Articles! 


That’s right! One of the World’s largest media platforms featured CiariGuitars as an iconic and innovative instrument which debuted this year at NAMM.

Guitar World Magazine

In this videoEditor in Chief Brad Tolinski touts Ciari Guitars as one of the standout innovations at this year’s show, which says a lot as this is the biggest NAMM convention to date! Check out the Ciari Ascender™ in action. 

USA Today

Not only did they mention us as one of the 6 coolest music-meets-tech products from NAMM this year, but they featured images of the Ascender™ on the front page! 

Fox News San Diego

After hearing of our unique solution for traveling with your guitar, Fox News invites our CEO/Founder Jonathan Spangler and Media Director/Guitarist Tommy Benson to show the audience what we’ve invented!

Music Tech Magazine

“A melding of music & Technology.” Ciari Guitars shows how the Ascender™ premium travel guitar goes from a full-scale instrument into the smallest travel guitar footprint on the market. 


The Ascender™ by Ciari™ is the world’s first premium travel guitar, blending pro quality with unrivaled convenience for the most stress-free air travel you will ever experience as a musician.

At the heart of the Ascender lies a true feat of engineering. For traveling, a patented mechanism allows this professional grade guitar to be folded in half, tucked into a protective Ciari gig bag that will fit into an average sized backpack or carry on. Your guitar is now a TSA compliant carry-on that never leaves your side.

Elegant string management ensures the strings never flop around while folded.  They “follow the fold” under light tension and rest in small notches in fretboard at the hinge, ready to fall back in line at a moments notice.  A captive nut keeps them organized at the neck.

Guitarist playing ciari ascender travel guitar

When you are ready to play, simply unfold the neck. An elegant lever-actuator is concealed inside the lower bout of the guitar which, when pulled,  re-tensions the strings leaving you with full size, professional grade, 22 fret guitar, with plek perfect action, ready to rock.

Red travel ciari ascender guitar folded in half

The audience will never have a clue. The Ascender features a shallow “C” neck profile, Gotoh locking tuners, ebony fingerboard,  and comes equipped with Seymour Duncan® ‘59™ neck & bridge pickups for a versatile tone, with a bright attack.

The Ascender by Ciari Guitars

Unparalleled Convenience. Uncompromising Quality.


At the heart of the Ciari Ascender, lies a feat of engineering, which includes  the patented folding mechanism (US Pat No 9424818). 

This mechanism is made up of a mid-neck hinge, two translating truss rods, and a floating bridge which collectively allow the Ascender guitar to fold symmetrically in half.  This short animation demonstrates what is happening inside your Ascender guitar when you throw the lever.

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ciari travel guitar actuating lever
ciari travel guitar string management system
ciari travel guitar side view
ciari travel guitar aluminum neck fold
ciari travel guitar grover tuners
ciari travel guitar patented mechanism
ciari travel guitar folding neck


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Nothing quite compares to the anxiety-inducing experience of traveling with a guitar. And Ciari Founder and CEO, Jonathan Spangler can tell you all about it. As you are about to find out, the story of Ciari Travel Guitars came about like many of the worlds greatest inventions – out of necessity.

In 2012, Jonathan Spangler was Chief Patent Counsel for a successful medical device company in San Diego, California. As an aspiring musician, he unexpectedly found himself assuming the role of bandleader for the company rock band, performing at quarterly meetings.

The intense and busy nature of his day job saw Jonathan on the road regularly, leaving little free time to practice the set list for each performance. He had no choice but to bring a guitar with him wherever he flew, and practice in his hotel room in between meetings.

This is where Jonathan experienced first hand, not only the pain points of traveling with a guitar but finding a product that met his needs.

After months of searching, Jonathan quickly discovered that he was looking for something that simply didn’t exist; a real, full-sized,  gig-ready guitar, packed full of features, that could be quickly and conveniently packed down into a footprint that could fit under a plane seat.

Frustrated, Jonathan was inspired by his experiences with guitar air travel, as well as his own advice to entrepreneurs:  “If you don’t like the available options, make what you want and maybe others will want it too.”

Enter Ciari™ Guitars, and their first offering to the guitar playing fraternity, the Ascender™; the worlds first premium travel guitar.


Ciari founder, Jonathan Spangler alongside Ciari advisor and renowned luthier, Joe Glaser


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At Ciari, we strive to offer the best solution for the age-old issue of traveling with your favorite guitar.

The Ascender is the worlds first premium travel guitar and it is ready for lift off via pre-sale starting at Summer NAMM 2019 (July 18-20).  Exact pricing will be forthcoming, but as a premium guitar with uncompromising quality and unparalleled convenience, it will likely be available at around $3,000 mark.

To participate in our pre-sale and/or receive updates, please join our Interested List today!  This is your chance to be part of guitar history as we revolutionize guitar air travel! 

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Stay informed on our progress, the new standard in travel guitars is coming soon!