The Story Behind the Ascender

With our full-size folding guitar, you’ll never have to leave your electric guitar–or your passion for playing–at home again.

  • Traveling with a guitar hasn't been easy. Until now. Ciari Guitars Founder and CEO, Jonathan Spangler, knows all about traveling with a guitar. As a patent attorney and lifelong guitarist, Spangler lived the life of a mobile musician, carting an electric guitar from city to city so he could practice for upcoming gigs while he was on the road.

  • Traveling with a guitar compounded the stress and anxiety of frequent air travel, and yet Spangler wasn’t willing to give up on his passion for the musical lifestyle. He searched for a premium travel guitar – one that was gig-ready and designed for convenient transport – and realized that the guitar he wanted didn’t exist, yet. Ciari Guitars: made by musicians, for musicians.

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