Pro-Play Guitars built for on-the-go lifestyles

The Ascender is the world’s only professional 22-fret guitar engineered to fold in half at the neck yet lock back in place in seconds (and in tune) for the stage, boat, bike, RV, studio… or wherever your passion takes you. At Ciari Guitars, our mission is simple: there’s always room for your guitar.

Best Guitar for Airplanes

Never worry about overhead bin space, paying extra for checking a bag, or having your guitar returned to you damaged. Our TSA-compliant guitar converts to the smallest travel size on the market. The Ciari Gig Bag and larger Ciari Backpack are both small enough to slide underneath the airplane seat in front of you as your free personal item, making the Ascender the best guitar to take on an airplane.

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Guitar for Boats & yachts

The size of your boat shouldn’t determine whether or not you get to take your guitar along for the journey. The Ascender fits in its backpack-sized gig bag until you’re ready to jam, making it the best guitar to take on a boat. Simply unfold it, plug it in, and play.

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Best Guitar for RVs & Campers

Compact living trends have created unprecedented RV and Camper sales. If you’re strategically consolidating your must-haves for convenient life on the road, be sure to include the Ascender. Designed to fold in half at the neck, it’s the best guitar for campers and RVs with small storage spaces… and you’ll love being able to break out a professional, stage-quality guitar wherever you may roam.

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Top Guitars for Bikers

As a biker, it’s not uncommon to have to choose between your motorcycle and what you can take on it. With the Ascender’s compact design, you can safely and conveniently take your guitar on your motorcycle—and wherever the road takes you.

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Best Guitar for Private Jets & Pilots

Whether you’re the pilot or the passenger, you don’t have to leave your favorite hobby behind when you fly private. The Ascender is the perfect compact size for bringing a guitar on a private jet.

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Best Guitar for Recording on the Road

With our professional guitar’s folding technology, you can conveniently record when the moment strikes. The Ascender is the perfect guitar for a travel rig yet features studio-quality sound for recording on the go.

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Best Guitar to Take on Tour

Whether you have a long list of fly dates or are riding the tour bus across state, the Ascender is the best guitar to use as your main instrument while on tour. Conveniently folded in its backpack-sized Gig Bag, your guitar will be safely by your side yet ready to rock with the flip of lever when you hit the stage.

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