The Plott Hounds show off epic guitar solo on the Ascender guitar

Every Friday during the summer, Music @ The Shed features live music by regional and national bands at the coolest outdoor music venue in Northwest Wisconsin.

Kai Brewster, a close friend of Ciari Guitars, rocked his “Goldie” Ascender Custom with Minneapolis-based The Plott Hounds, while lead singer Noah was only the second person to play our Ascender Standard which debuted at Summer NAMM the week before.

Be sure to check out and follow The Plott Hounds—they’ve created a dedicated grassroots following with their blend of Southern Rock & Roll, hints of Funky Blues and paying homage to the Outlaw Country legends of old—and both of our Ascender guitar models (custom and standard) fit the mold perfectly!

How epic is this guitar solo?

 If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s another! Note Noah rocking his Ascender Standard—our latest model which will officially launch at The NAMM Shown 2022 in Anaheim.

We’re a huge fan of Kai, and he’s taken the Ascender to some pretty incredible heights this year (from snowboarding to the stage at the world-famous First Avenue).

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