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Ascender folding guitar Ciari Guitars

The Ascender is a gig-ready, premium travel guitar, fitted with an innovative folding neck and top-notch hardware components, for traveling musicians who value quality and sound, but don’t want to surrender their beloved instruments to the airlines and baggage handlers of the world. In the past, guitar players have come up with creative ways to reduce the size of their favorite stringed instruments to make them more convenient for travel. Traveling guitarists have tried everything from detaching the neck from the body of the guitar, to purchasing empty sounding travel instruments made off-shore, to loosening and re-stringing their go-to guitar before and after each and every trip.

Ciari Guitars founder and CEO Jonathan Spangler, a traveling musician and patent attorney, experienced the same gamut of frustrations and travel anxieties as a frequent flier. Each time he boarded a flight with his guitar, he recognized the need for a premium travel guitar. The air travel challenges Jonathan faced piqued his entrepreneurial mindset.

Jonathan decided something needed to be done to relieve some of the stress that musicians were experiencing on the road, especially at airports. So, he set out to design and fabricate the most innovative travel guitar in the world.

Traveling musicians are breathing a collective sigh of relief because finally, there’s an electric guitar that travels easy and sounds legit. The intense engineering process behind the Ascender was driven by the desire to create a premium travel guitar that could be convenient and compact enough for frequent flying, but still loaded with the sonic integrity of a masterful electric guitar.

The Ascender’s innovative folding neck, tuning and sound quality were key concerns throughout the prototyping and fabrication process. The innovative design resulted in a guitar with the look, feel and sound traveling musicians have long been waiting for.

This instrument is the only electric travel guitar with an ergonomic folding neck, specially designed to be a game-changer in the lives of traveling musicians. The trademarked folding mechanism, which enables the carry-on ready Ascender to fit underneath an airplane seat, is what makes this premium electric travel guitar truly unique.

The Ascender’s internal lever mechanism has two stages of functionality. When you’re ready to play the Ascender, simply extend the neck, engage the lever and the strings will revert optimal tension.

The beauty of the Ascender is that it seamlessly transforms from the locked to unlocked position, all the while preserving the integrity of the strings and tuning, to ensure an amazing sound. Guitarists will never have to turn their Ascender over to the airline or take apart their instrument again.

Ciari’s team of innovative engineers worked with a master luthier, who oversaw everything related to the fine art of fabricating an innovative electric guitar like the Ascender. The folding neck and reduced body size make it possible for traveling musicians to keep their guitar safe from damage or loss during air travel.

The Ascender is designed to deliver the classic rock-n-roll sound, right out of the box. Highly skilled engineers meticulously tested the folding mechanism and tuning checks to make sure that the strings would hold up to repeated folding and tuning.

The days of worrying about how to transfer an electric guitar to a final destination are over, thanks to the feat of engineering that is the Ascender, the world’s most innovative travel guitar.

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