FAQ’s: Getting into the Grooves of the Ascender

V-grooves of the Ascender folding guitar

When you look at the Ascender, the first thing you might notice (after you’re past the fact that the guitar is folded!) are the six V-grooves just before the 12th and 14th frets, where the neck splits into two places to fold backward.

Questions about the Ascender’s V-grooves are among the most common, and we’re here to answer them, starting with these three:

What is the point of the V-grooves on the fingerboard?

The V-grooves on the fingerboard give the Ascender a unique elegant string management system, allowing the strings to follow the fold, keeping the strings safely in place when the neck of the guitar folds. 

Do the V-grooves impact string action or bends?

No. The strings ride the frets at all times. The V-grooves, which retain the strings gently during the folding and unfolding process, are shallow and well below the frets. Shred away!  For a quick video on our Instagram of our own Tommy Benson bending strings on the Ascender, click here.

Do the V-grooves damage the strings?

No. When you release the concealed lever, the string tension drops from 118 lbs down to just 3 lbs, which we’ve exhaustively tested to be just enough to rest the strings within the V-grooves as the neck folds without damaging the strings. The result: elegant string management with kink-free string performance.

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