Ciari Guitars receives fourth US patent for folding guitar technology

We are so proud to announce that we secured our 4th US patent on September 14th, further validating and protecting the folding technology of our guitar—from the Ascender’s actuator (the unique system that precisely detentions the strings) to the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy mid-neck hinge.

It’s always helpful when your CEO is a patent attorney!

As Chris Graebe said in our StartupWire interview, “One of the most important things that you have is your background with the patent side of things and what you’ve put together here. You talked about the big brands coming at some point to acquire Ciari. When that happens, they also are going to be acquiring this patent, this technology that you’ve built. And I think that’s probably going to be the biggest moat that you have and I think will be most appealing to these big brands.”

On behalf of the team at Ciari Guitars, thanks for celebrating our progress!

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