Ciari Guitars Expands Global Patent Portfolio With US Patent on First-Ever In-Airport Guitar Lounge

New Patent Protects innovative Music Oasis™ Free Guitar Lounge, First Debuted at San Diego Int’l Airport

SAN DIEGO – April 19, 2022 – Ciari Guitars, Inc., an emerging music-tech company focused on guitar-related innovation, today announced the expansion of its global patent portfolio with the issuance of US Patent No. 11,306,498 for “In-Airport Guitar Kiosk and Related Methods.” 

The ‘498 Patent protects the innovative Music Oasis™ Free Guitar Lounge, which Ciari Guitars first debuted as a member of the Airport Innovation Lab at the San Diego International Airport.  The Music Oasis boasts comfortable seating, a guitar tower/display case, and multiple guitar play-stations with headphones and iPads so passengers can de-stress and relax before or after flights while playing – free of charge – an Ascender™ folding electric guitar from Ciari Guitars.  The Music Oasis also includes an internal speaker system, microphone, and PA functionality to enable in-airport performances by local or traveling artists, in collaboration with the Airport Arts Program.  In either event, the Music Oasis offers a convenient, inviting and low stress “try before buy” opportunity for guitarists to test the innovative line of folding guitars from Ciari Guitars.  When not in use, the Music Oasis is effectively an art installation, with multiple guitars in elegant, backlit displays for the viewing pleasure of passersby. 

“We are thrilled to strengthen our intellectual property protection with the addition of this US patent for our Music Oasis,” stated Jonathan Spangler, Chief Executive Officer of Ciari Guitars and Registered Patent Attorney.  “Along with our robust US and international IP portfolio on our market-making folding guitar technology, this patent underscores that Ciari Guitars is, first and foremost, an innovation company, not just for our award-winning guitars, but on how we market and make them accessible to the consuming public.” 

While the Ascender folding electric guitar has benefits far beyond air travel (e.g. RVs, campers, motorcycles, boats, van life, space-constrained living, etc…), the Music Oasis and Ascender guitar serve all key stakeholders in the airline ecosystem: The airport, the airlines, and passengers.  The Airport – by driving Passenger Experience and promoting the Arts.  The Airlines – by promoting the use of an Ascender folding guitar during air travel, which fits under-seat and thus saves overhead bin space and removes the stress from the all-too-familiar “battle for the bin.”  And Passengers – by providing a convenient, free way to destress/relax before or after flights, as well as removing the stress of guitar travel (for guitarists) and the stress of a lack of overhead bin space (for non-guitarists) due to the “under seat” convenience of the Ascender.   

The ‘498 Patent includes a host of additional features, including (for example) the use of other musical instruments and accessories, “Virtual Jam” functionality where multiple players can play together at the Music Oasis while wearing headphones, and a Performance Station where customers can receive and share branded “Now Playing” performance video for social media. 

“The Music Oasis represents a unique opportunity for us to partner with other music instrument and accessory companies, given the excellent access to a captive market in the airport environment” said Eric Dorton, President and Chief Commercial Officer at Ciari Guitars.  “We are currently entertaining partnership discussions and welcome overtures from interested parties throughout the music industry.” 

Ciari Guitars is currently working with San Diego International Airport on the re-launch of the Music Oasis in 2022 to capitalize on the increase in air travel due to the waning impact of Covid-19.  Ciari Guitars is also seeking to expand the Music Oasis beyond San Diego to other key airports in the US and abroad, in due time and after raising additional capital.  


About Ciari Guitars

Headquartered in San Diego, CA with guitar production in Nashville, TN, Ciari Guitars was founded in 2016 by CEO Jonathan Spangler, a patent attorney and amateur musician.  Ciari Guitars’ first product, The Ascender™, is a market-making foldable guitar, deemed “the first travel guitar for professional use” by Guitar Player Magazine, and has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, CNN, Guitar World, Rolling Stone, and other media outlets.  Ciari Guitars has a robust pipeline of additional guitars in development, including a mid-tier electric, carbon fiber acoustic and even a bass, all boasting our patented folding technology. 

Available exclusively on, the Ascender starts at $2,999 and includes a high-quality quilted gig bag.  For more information, visit or find Ciari Guitars on social media using the handle @ciariguitars.


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Eric Dorton
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