The Ascender and Boss Waza-Air: The ultimate compact travel rig for on-the-go guitarists

It’s not news that the world’s most popular instrument isn’t exactly convenient to lug around—and when you factor in the equipment essential to electric guitars, you’re either leaving the whole rig at home or crossing your fingers against whatever risks are associated with your travel method.

If you’re familiar with Ciari Guitars, you know the Ascender was invented to eliminate the chaos and stress of traveling with a full-size professional guitar. Over the years, we’ve found that there are many on-the-go guitarists (beyond touring musicians) who can appreciate the compact features of a guitar that can fold to fit in a standard backpack, from pilots learning a new hobby to road trippers in RVs. The list goes on!

One of the best portable pairings for on-the-go guitarists is the Ascender guitar with Boss FX Waza-Air Bluetooth headphones. 🤟🏻


We say “headphones,” but this product is truly a full-on personal amplification system with all of the tones and sounds you could dream of without sacrificing an ounce of pro-play quality.

This entire compact rig (yes, the guitar too) fits in a standard-size backpack that is small enough to be stowed underneath an airline seat in front of you. When you’re ready to play, simply unfold the Ascender, lock the lever in place, plug in the Waza-Air system, and throw on the headphones.

Choose your perfect intonation from the enormous Boss library of tones, including five amp types and 50 different effects, and play along to music streaming from your phone (your band’s set list, for example).

Whether you’re in a hotel room or an RV, use the gyro sensor to virtually “place” the amp anywhere in the room for incredible realism and 3D audio sound—all without bothering anyone around you.

If you close your eyes, you’ll have to convince yourself you’re not performing on stage with a full band.


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