Shaping the future: impressive full-size products that fold

From folding guitars to foldable bikes, these feats of engineering are far from gimmicks.

Whether it’s out of love for clever engineering or out of necessity for compact lifestyles, there’s a distinct fascination for products that by all basic understanding should not fold but (remarkably) do just that.

If you’re a collector of innovative gadgets or have limited space, continue reading for our top picks for life-changing folding items.

A Full-Size folding Electric Bike

There is quite a bit of history behind the first folding bicycle, from British infantry use in 1990 to the many erroneous “original inventor” claims (even Leonardo Da Vinci is mentioned). Today, you’re almost certain to find a foldable bike for your personal cycling style, from electric bikes to lightweight single speeds and cruisers. While the concept isn’t so risqué these days, can you imagine the initial consumer response?

Pictured above is the Tern Vektron S10, selected as the best motorized folding bike on

Check it out here.

A Full-Size high-end Folding TV

LG introduced a 65-inch 4K flexible OLED television panel that retracts (technically by rolling, not folding) into a base. This technology is a work of art that stylishly achieves versatile screen heights, each for a purposeful and unique ambiance. Even completely rolled away, the base serves as a sound system with powerful 100W 4.2ch speakers. Purchasing the LG Signature OLED R is currently on an inquiry-basis, which somehow makes it seem even more interesting.

Check it out here.


A Full-Size Folding Electric Guitar

No, not that one from Shark Tank. This full-size, stage-worthy folding guitar was designed for serious players and even touring professional musicians. It features premium quality materials and thoughtful stacked tone and volume controls for an impressively wide range of tonal variety. With the flip of a lever, the guitar folds in half in just seconds and fits in a standard size backpack. When you’re ready to rock, it locks back in place before you can say, “Where’s my pick?” The Ascender is not your dad’s travel guitar.

Check it out here.

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