We know you have a few questions about a guitar that folds in half. So we answered them!
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What is The Ascender?

The Ascender is the only full-size premium folding electric guitar on the market, perfect for travel. It can slip into a standard size backpack and fit underneath the airline seat in front of you.

How does it work?

A concealed lever unlocks this hinge and releases the tension on the strings so that they gently follow the fold and remain safely in their individual grooves during transit. When ready to play, just unfold the guitar and lock the hinge back in place- all you need is a top off tune.

What is the point of the grooves on the neck?

The grooves give the Ascender a unique elegant string management system, keeping the strings safely in place and in tune when the neck of the guitar folds.

Do they get in the way of string bends?

Not at all. Unless you are using super skinny frets, as a player of any stringed instrument, you shouldn’t be pressing the string so hard when you fret that it touches the fingerboard. You should have a light enough touch that the strings simply make contact with the fret itself. Think about players who use scalloped fingerboards for example.

Does the folding damage the frets or strings in any way?

Not at all. When you release the lever, the string tension drops from 110lb, down to just 3lb, which is what we have calculated to be just enough to rest the strings into the grooves as the neck folds. There is nowhere near enough tension to cause any damage.

How much does the Ascender weigh?

The Ascender is a full-size, 22-fret, 24 ¾” scale with a weight ranging from 7.5 – 8.5 lbs. depending on wood choice. That’s less than a Les Paul and more than a Tele – basically in the range of other world-class electric guitars.

I’ve seen a photo of The Ascender with extra switches. What are they for and do they come with the standard model?

You may have seen a prototype had some modifications, including a high-pass filter or different capacitors. The standard model won’t have those, but will have Seymour Duncans and a coil tap for splitting the humbucker to single coil

Where can I buy an Ascender and how much does it cost?

The Ascender is available exclusively online at ciariguitars.com. Prices start at $2,999 but right now, you can be a part of our Founders Build and reserve one of the first 100 for just a $500 downpayment.

Isn’t there already a folding guitar out there?

Yes, but not a premium option that allows you to bend at the neck, keeping the strings safely in their place throughout the journey and requiring only a top off tune after unfolding.

Are there going to be lefties? A folding bass? A folding acoustic?

We have amazing plans for the future… you can expect big things from Ciari!

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