The Ascender by Ciari Guitars

Video Tutorial: The Controls of The Ascender

Questions about The Ascender’s grooves are among the most common, and we’re here to answer them, starting with these four.

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The Revelries playing The Ascender by Ciari Guitars

Ciari Guitars Artist Spotlight: The Revelries

This four-pack of talented musicians, hailing from Baton Route, Louisiana, has been a huge supporter of Ciari Guitars since our launch at Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN.

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Justin Johnson playing The Ascender by Ciari Guitars

Summer NAMM was the perfect place to launch The Ascender by Ciari Guitars

Given that The Ascender by Ciari Guitars is made in the legendary music city of Nashville, Tennessee, our team couldn’t have been more excited to launch the pre-sales of our innovative guitar at Summer NAMM.

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Introducing the world’s most innovative guitar

The Ciari Ascender is a gig-ready, premium travel guitar, fitted with an innovative folding neck and top-notch hardware components, for traveling musicians who value quality and sound, but don’t want to surrender their beloved instruments to the airlines and baggage handlers of the world. In the past, guitar players have come up with creative ways […]

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What type of travel guitar is right for me?

Traveling musicians know that the cargo hold on an airplane is a less than ideal place to store a favorite guitar. The cold temperatures can wreak havoc on the guitar’s delicate wooden structure, and there’s always the possibility of damage or loss due to improper handling.  Many guitarists opt for carry-on travel guitars, which are […]

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Horror Stories Of Travelling With A Guitar

Every guitar lover has seen the viral video by Canadian musician Dave Carroll, United Breaks Guitars, and winced at the thought of their favorite instrument being damaged or even ruined by a careless airline handler who knows not what he does. Traveling musicians swap horror stories about the unique challenges and ensuing anxiety that sets […]

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